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How to Use Positive Training to Potty Training Puppy

If you want to train your dog effectively, positive training is essential. This method focuses on rewarding desired behaviors instead of instilling fear and force. Positive training can help you create habits that will last a lifetime. Kristen Gibson is a native Missourian who moved to Florida to pursue her passion for animal training. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with a minor in Psychology. Here are some tips for positive training your dog:

– Never scold the puppy for soiling your rug. It won’t make a dent in your wallet. Punishment methods such as rubbing your puppy’s nose in poop are illogical, but don’t try them! Praising your puppy for good behavior works for almost anything. It makes your pup feel like a canine Einstein! Try cheering, clapping, and even throwing a few cookies.

– Introduce your puppy to the crate in a positive manner. Throw treats in the crate while the door is open. Your puppy will venture inside to get his treats. Then, close the door. You can give him a treat by handing it through the door. Make sure he has a place to go when you go out. You can use the crate for other purposes too. As long as you can keep an eye on him while you are away, he’ll learn to associate crate with security and safety.

– Using negative reinforcement is detrimental to your puppy’s development. It causes confusion and distrust. If you hit your puppy with a newspaper, rub his nose in an inappropriate place, or punish him for going potty inside your home, it’s unlikely to lead to any good results. Instead, try rewarding your puppy with treats and praise. If your dog learns to use the bathroom outdoors, he will associate that area as a place of safety.


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