Encounter with a Dog that Bites Itself – A Surprising Encounter!

Have you ever had a surprising encounter with a dog that bites itself? Read on to explore a unique experience that will leave you intrigued and amazed!

Encounter with a Dog that Bites Itself – A Surprising Encounter!


Hey there! Have you ever had an unexpected encounter that left you both fascinated and concerned at the same time? Imagine meeting a furry friend with a unique habit of biting itself. Meet Jana, a sweetheart that returned to the Shelter due to her elderly owner being unable to handle her peculiar behavior. Let’s dive into the touching yet challenging journey of finding a solution for Jana’s self-mutilation.

Picture yourself sitting in the Shelter courtyard, observing dogs of various breeds playing happily all around. Suddenly, your eyes land on Jana, a beautiful mix breed, biting herself compulsively. You can’t help but feel a tug at your heartstrings for the poor pup.

The Curious Case of Jana

As you approach Jana, you notice the scars on her fur and the sadness in her eyes. The caretakers explain that Jana self-mutilates by biting herself, a habit she picked up for reasons unknown. Despite their best efforts to stop this behavior, Jana always finds comfort in biting herself again.

Unfolding the Challenge

Self-mutilation is not just a disturbing sight but also a serious obstacle for Jana to be adopted into a loving home. Prospective adopters get concerned about her well-being, hesitant to take on the responsibility of managing this behavior. Finding someone capable of working with Jana and understanding her needs becomes crucial in this journey.

  • Caretakers tried various methods to divert Jana’s attention. They provided her with engaging toys and extra playtime, hoping to distract her from biting herself.
  • Without correcting this behavior, Jana might continue to live a life of isolation, missing out on the warmth of a permanent home she deserves.
  • The Shelter staff recognizes that addressing Jana’s self-mutilation is essential to give her a chance at a happy, stress-free life.

The Quest for a Solution

In the quest to help Jana, the Shelter seeks out professionals experienced in animal behavior to provide insights into managing self-destructive habits. Patience, understanding, and tailored approaches are key elements in assisting Jana in overcoming her compulsive behavior.

As you spend time with Jana, offering gentle pets and comforting words, you notice a gradual change in her demeanor. She relaxes in your presence, a glimmer of hope shining through her eyes. It’s moments like these that remind us of the impact a little care and attention can have on a furry friend in need.


In conclusion, encountering a dog like Jana, who bites itself, may be surprising and challenging, but it also presents an opportunity to make a significant difference in her life. With dedicated efforts from caring individuals, Jana stands a chance at finding a permanent home where she can thrive despite her struggles.

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