EVERY DOG Should Know These 3 Things

What are the most important things for EVERY Dog to Know? I break them down in this video.
COME when Called
STAY when Told and

I expect every dog to have a good, basic understanding of these. I don’t care about fancy heeling, retrieves, bite work, or flashy obedience – they are great – but EVERY dog owner who loves their dog should teach these three skills TODAY!

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Today's session is super exciting it's The most important thing I want every Single dog to know in fact there's three Things and the three things every single Dog should know is one common called two Stay one told and three leave it if your Dog learns nothing else these are the Three most important things that every Dog should know whether it's a Competitive dog a pet dog or just any Rescue dog anything that's what we're Gonna cover in today's session let's get Started So we're going to start with stay and First stay we're gonna do some Distractions we got some kids playing we Got probably other dogs gonna come Around Jan's gonna bring a dog around And we already have a distraction so We're gonna do it with both dogs we're Gonna do with Max and with Ziggy let's Run let's run Ziggy first okay we're Gonna use max as a distraction so you're Gonna tell him to stay Max is going to Distract you good stay Good Okay good All right go put him back where he was Killed And I would be real sudden so the minute He comes up hey make sure you get his Attention it's that moment you're trying To uh put in the dog's mind good stay He's already well trained so he should

So if he fails this many times we got to Go back to square one with him put him There grab the line and stand next to Him There's a lot of stuff going on today Right a lot of dogs I mean a lot of kids A lot of dogs Down Hang onto that line Good Just take a footer away from him and if He does something you're going to Correct him physically now because he's The verbal is not helping him Good There you go Praise Him Down This time when you come up on him tell Them down when you come up on them Good So when you come up to praise him say Down Praise Him gently wait till Max Goes by you one more time this is Max The last time by then it's going to be Switch switch to Rooney Yeah good tell him down before you go Into them Good then walk away from him That's what you need to do to him good Then walk up to him release him we're Gonna switch it around training your dog Should not be complicated in fact it Should be fun for both you and your dog

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I designed a program that does exactly That whether you're looking for puppy Training or beginner obedience Advanced Obedience problem solving leash pulling Aggression anything anything you can Possibly imagine I have more than 170 Lessons over 60 hours of instruction all Available at one low monthly price I Guarantee you're going to love it in Fact if you don't I've got a money back Guarantee check it out now at Robertcobril.com [Applause] Good okay so now it's Max's turn All right you can just sit or down it Doesn't matter good okay really nice Great Good Joe Really nice So what I want you to do is to go into Him Praise and release that's really really Beautiful make sure you get a verbal no Before a physical note because if you Don't give them a physical a verbal cue Then he's just it's just hard on him no He doesn't understand no I don't want Him to understand a correction I want a Dog to understand a verbal so if I say No pause and something negative happens And he says well the no is not a fun Thing there's always something that Follows the no that makes the no very Very important just like there's

Something that follows the yes that Means the yes important like a treat or A toy or a reward so excellent so that's The first thing which is stay The second one is going to be recall Okay we're going to I'm going to bounce Them around because now we're at first We have to stay now we're going to Actually ask them to come back we've got Long lines which are perfect for Training in the park um they're just Doing whatever so now he's distracted Perfect Make sure he's distracted I'll even hold The treat here which obviously we know Ziggy loves the treats Um Called teacup Good So for now what I would do is I would Make the know more motivational so I Would be walking away from him while You're saying it give him a Target and a Moving Target for a dog it's always Easier Than Mexico Beautiful Really nice Good so when he's checked out like now Just walk away from the call Tap good Yeah make sure you're always moving We're gonna ping pong just go back and

Forth as soon as Ziggy does it then Max Will go Good he's distracted Max Sit good don't make him sit after the Come Because what I don't want him to do is To think there's any obedience and stuff In other words if he thinks I'm gonna Come and then you're gonna make me sit And he's chasing a ball or something He's going to go the ball's more fun When he gets you yeah good boy yeah yeah Yeah Yeah no static exercises no obedience After recall This is the most important thing for him To get Good Good wait now try to get them distracted So after you do the good boy good boy Tune out and see if there you go that's Perfect Good And be careful calling him out of a Sit Because he's got a solid stay now But Yeah good so you can that's good so There you're mixing up the two obedience Commands good Good So there Yoshi you said come and then You pull them I come pull them no pause Tap then come

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Here okay Good Joe So it's really important here to Understand that when I say come there's Something positive at the end of that Right because if I like that if I want The dog to come there has to be Something happening when he gets to him See like here he's calling him come he's Praising him come he's giving him treats Come he's giving him a toy don't say Come and stop and and sit or down or Whatever Last one Same thing don't say anything to him Do you come Bingo so you see that's why it's so Important no pause pop so that he knows Something negative how do I avoid the Negative you're teaching how to avoid The negative he's not going to get it by Osmosis let's do it again with Max And he can know that this is a Distraction Max come No beautiful so he knows that's what's Coming that's really good now don't Forget on that side right when you say No that when he turns to you you're like Yeah good boy yeah let's see it's like Here Max come Max come No go

Right and run away from him give him a Target to do just do it one more time Fix his leash His leash is all tangled up That's a big distraction Right away no if he doesn't do it no no Yeah It's really important here not to say no Twice and then expect him to get it Until you've taught him right it's no Pop because if you say no no no then He's like well which no do you mean I Only mean one right come no come Right pause pause timing this is the Critical part come No pop come don't pop on the that's The bad part okay one more time with Ziggy So you come Perfect he learned it now let's see if He learned it Max come Brilliant that's it okay that's part two Let's go to part three part three is Leave it it's gonna be the harder one so Um what we'll do is we'll use these Little Um Electrical panels as distractions I'm Going to put a treat on every one Okay it's gonna be really hard But it's gonna be one on each and all You got to do Is walk them


Around them I hope I missed one now this Is all the treats I have so if they eat And we're catcher anymore Okay so um make sure no this is a leave It Command right this is something Dangerous that's on the ground Leave it nope Leave it good Leave it no no is the pop leave it Okay they owe me a treat there Joey Leave it Leave it leave it make leave it strong Leave it Leave it leave it Leave it Leave it Good so leave it's got to be real a Little stronger you guys got them on Tight leashes no There you go good much better Nope good there you go good correction [Music] Yeah tempt him Good Joe Right There you go don't don't let the leash Be tight though tight makes it tempting Leave it good good leave it good leave It so some people will say this is Avoidance right he's like they're afraid Of it but if I say leave it they should Have that component in their mind that Leave this is serious right this is not Necessarily motivational this is

Definitely serious Right if I say leave it and the dog's Happy and oh I'm going to leave it he's Just as likely to go to it he should say Uh I'm not touching that I'm not going Anywhere near that good this is what I Want to see this is nice training I love it Hey if you like this video you're going To like all the videos here on my Channel hit the Subscribe button but Most importantly hit that notification Bell so you'll be updated of all my Videos coming one new one every week Sit Good and this is something I practice All the time with the dog his whole life He must understand leave it If you want to see the rest of this Video check out my website robert.com For all the best online dog training Available anywhere [Music]

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