How to Train Your Dog to Listen Around Distractions and OFF LEASH (No Shock Collar Required!)

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I'm Zach George I'm a dog trainer and I Don't use intentional physical aversive Methods my wife Bri and I are raising And training our two young dogs and Showing you how we teach them everything If you're one of those people who has a Dog and they don't listen to you off Leash and you want to know how to get There today's video will help we're Gonna get into the details of walking That line between letting your dog do Things that are natural and important For them to do and getting them to Listen to you when you need them to There's two things you can do every Single day that will work your dog's Brain even when you're busy number one a Snuffle mat you can stash treats under All these little flaps your dog can Smell those Treats but they're sometimes Challenging to get out these are chicken Licking good popcorn Toppers I'm putting In here you can see all the layers here I'm gonna put some kibble throughout Here this is a pretty darn cool snuffle Mat there's so many treats in there Because they're having to use their old Factory system in their brain to really Process right now it's such a fun way to See our dog's superpower too every one Of those treats is gone number two Stuffed toys smell this doesn't that Smell amazing yeah can humans eat it It's a little tiny bit sweet I'd eat

That this particular recipe is a pumpkin Spice mix these are frozen so they last Longer this is for those times between Meals when you're really busy and your Dog definitely needs some mental Stimulation bark has entered dog food in A completely different way than I've Seen it done before because you could Optimize the food for your specific dog But their approach to dog food goes Way Beyond just keeping your dog alive they Have so many unique accessories and Products in one place designed to make Your dog enjoy eating and help them grow Smarter in the process you don't even Have to do a subscription for the dog Food or anything you can do a one-time Purchase and see what your dog thinks They're giving you 35 off of your entire Purchase no matter what it is you buy From them use my special code Zach George 35 I'll have that code and all The details below training dogs in new Places is a good strategy if you Generally want your dog to listen to you When you go to new places Veronica needs Exercise and touring North America has Forced us to seek out new places to Teach our dogs okay well this is is Interesting and as we travel we don't Always have a safe backyard to play in It's like a sunken frisbee Guild with Kind of almost an extra barrier of Production Bree went out into the wild

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To find an acceptable place to spend Some quality training time with our dogs It's got a fence all the way around the First thing we do is let our dogs sniff Around and explore pretty much Immediately Bree notice some kids Sledding down a hill in the distance and Veronica appeared to find this kind of Odd there's more than one option in this Situation Number one you could decide to just Create some distance allow your dog to Take in the kids at a greater distance Where your dog doesn't feel so Overwhelmed or you could maybe give it a Minute or two and see if your dog calms Down as they observe the kids but Bree Chooses to take the redirection route to See if she can get Veronica interested In playing with frisbee Good I think there's a couple of Benefits to going with redirection in This case number one you get your dog Doing a thing that has many steps to it Like fetch they're chasing they're Picking it up they're bringing it back They're paying attention to you you have Distance between you and your dogs so if They do perform a quality fetch you have This history you're now creating of hey You're listening to me from farther away While you're in an excited state of mind And so it's a good way to rehearse real World distractions that might emerge

Later in their life these are the Transitional moments that are so hard to Capture when you're making dog training Content like we do so I love it when we Get great examples like this come on That was a pretty significant Outburst You're literally seeing the learning Unfold hey there's that thing over there I want to go chase it but my mom is Calling me so I'll go to her and so You're seeing her work out the patterns And so ultimately that gets refined and We get that straight line we're looking For Oh that was a really good one she saw Them sledding right towards her and she And she coming to me instead I might Have to bring second inertia back here I Had to see this magical dog training Field that Brie had discovered I love Places like this to continue to test and Prove off-leash reliability with inertia It's important to regularly test and Remind our dogs hey this is how we Behave when we're in places like this Since this is inertia's first time ever Being at this location it is fenced but She doesn't know that this is how I've Been able to build confidence over time That she's going to listen to me in new Places Come see how she's looking at something Right there she was looking up in here Probably some people or dog walking by I

Don't know about you guys but this is What I consider true Off Lease training Really being methodical and going Through the steps to make sure you're Laying a strong foundation so your dog Knows how to listen to you moving Forward and you can see like she's aware That she's in a brand new place so she's Glancing around so I'm trying to keep Her focused on the game because there Will be times when we're in a brand new Place where I don't have the option to Let her explore and I need her Focus That's the huge benefit of new Environments even as your dog gets into The more intermediate to Advanced stages Of training and off-lease training and So on I'm having her stay it's a good Opportunity to practice stay come Foreign It's also a good idea to put a long lead I often do this with my own dogs when I'm in public environments Just For Peace of Mind for any outlier events That might happen that I don't predict This is how we can train our dogs to Listen to us without having to rely on Something like an electric collar for Example See she's struggling with the scents There but it makes the decision to come Back we have a young person here with a Remote aircraft I've never seen how Inertia behaves around a remote control

Airplane we have a young man with an Airplane it's a variable change in the Environment inertia wants to play right Now but I don't know how she's going to React to that electronic sound which I'm Assuming I'm assuming it flies there's The airplane now she's reacting See it flying around up there good girl Inertia given that there's this aircraft Occupying the airspace above us and it's In our immediate area combined with the Fact that I have a historically curious Dog who's intrigued by new things I Choose to play it safe I put her on a Leash at first to make sure that she Doesn't have a reaction good I'm Confident I test her off leash with this Distraction and there we have it I mean That's a pretty neutral response and That's exactly what I was hoping for so A way that I can further proof her she Play Frisbee will she listen to other Requests that I give her while this Plane continues to fly around so inertia Is doing a great job we have this young Man over here with his airplane inertia Doing her thing staying nice and focused We like to see that I do this pretty Regularly with her to keep her well Adjusted and public and just taking Small steps there was a time when this Would have been very challenging for her Looks like she's very focused on me Right now come around

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Listening to me the first time go I'm Gonna Keep My throw short see how Methodical we are when there's a change In a variable perfect it's a good girl Take a break what you just saw was one Type of training where you kind of Address issues as they come up you do Desensitizing you condition your dog you Proof and test things that your dog's Already learned but there are other Types of training sessions where you're Focused directly on teaching your dog Something brand new immediately more Than I even realized Veronica is like What on Earth is this you can see the Sea lions poking their heads up you can See these giant Pacific Ocean waves that Is not lost on her this is not business As usual to Veronica Veronica is like Wait a minute is this still planet Earth Or is this something else she's offering A sit Yeah and a shake yeah she's throwing up That foot there saying this works for me To get what I want sometimes Yes So sit good down Yes Down's looking good right now when She goes into that stand you can see how She moves around really easily I want Her a lot more fixed to the ground when We do stand Good stand yes Yes

She's confused a little between Stand and sit yep that's that makes Sense because I want to set her up for Success I'm going to lure her right There and I'm letting her nibble on this Treat right now yes I'm pulling it away Before she has a chance to advance yes See that if I do that and I go too slow She's just going to follow it I'm trying To get her brain to realize that Yes not moving is what yes gets the Treat see I'm not correcting her when She moves I'm keeping her from moving in The first place that's the part that Requires some skill and some practice on Your part but look I'm just doing that Yes now watch let me see if I can slow Down that motion yes that was a little Bit slower not much but a little bit now See how we're not having to do this this This yes Yes and this is the kind of thing we Want to work on 10 20 30 seconds a day And if you're feeling really bold give It two minutes we made our way down to The beach to give the dog some Recreation inertia loves playing fetch On Sand and on the beach I can't even Tell you how much she loves it allowing Inertia to run and play like this and do Something as natural as running and Chasing and biting something to fulfill Her inner dog instincts in acceptable Ways in this environment where we're

Playing fetch you can see that inertia Is in a totally uncontrolled environment If she were to run away I would not be Able to chase her down but I'm very Confident in the communication that we Build that she'll stay focused on me and Come to me when I call her but since I'm In public I do put the flexi back on her While we continue to walk I think Retractable leashes are good to use with A dog that's pretty well trained it Allows you to give them a lot of area to Roam and it lets other people know hey My dog is leashed and under control so You're not making members of the public Uncomfortable that your dog is Unleashed Free Walks Like This are a huge part of Our dog training culture in our family We love to do this virtually every Single day wherever we are weather Permitting when you start looking at Raising and training a dog it's a total Experience right we're not just focused On teaching these basic behaviors we Want to make sure that our dogs are Having those natural experiences that They crave and require with them in Harmony like that it's a lot easier to Teach them and they're much more likely To be well behaved during walks like This too I like to regularly test Behaviors just a handful of times like Come when called or heal And she's pretty immersed in her

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Environment right now by doing this when They're really immersed in their walk It's a good way just to make sure that We always have that great communication Between each other inertia come And if inertia feels like it we'll throw In some heel training so there's value And doing spontaneous training like this For very short periods of time because You don't want to burn out your dog on Their free walk while they're having a Good time but yet you also want to let Them know hey there are going to be Times when you are interested in your Environment that I still want you to Listen to me on things like heal and Lately we have some new people who have Made it clear they think I cannot train Dogs so I am obliged to show you my dog Listening to me off leash in an Uncontrolled environments to prove that I can train my own dog This is what it's come to if you're Wondering how I taught my dog to do this Without the use of aversives or what we Call physical punishments the answers by Being really consistent and practicing Here and there breaking lessons down Into more manageable bits when I found Myself asking too much of my dog and you Know I use the same workflow that one Might use if they were teaching a child To walk right next to them if you ever Get confused ask yourself what would you

Do if you needed to teach a Three-year-old child how to do the same Thing well number one you would Definitely hold their hand at first you Would make sure they understood how to Stay near you then in shorter bits you Might let go of their hand as they get Older and of course you're making sure Your environment is managed at all times If it's risky we don't let go of the end And as kids get older they learn that It's appropriate to stay near you here The bike is coming out of habit I put Inertia on the other side really love The switch when I'm doing training like This because it really allows me to Quickly get her on one side or the other You can see how I've trained all of this In past videos Flood out And there's her signature back stall Trick Imagine that your dog is running towards A busy road and you need them to stay Frisbee is one of her favorite Activities and I find this to be one of Many ways to prove or practice the Emergency stay after all she's clearly Demonstrated that she loves pursuing This low-flying object and being able to Interrupt our dog when their attention Is so intensely focused is what we Should be striving for Instead

This could literally Save A Dog's Life Of course I started small with all of This Stay yes but each thing builds upon the Next and if you really take care to go At your dog's pace and you avoid rushing The process you'll find that Foundation Becomes pretty reliable all of the Off-lease training I've done with Inertia has been taught without the use Of any physical punishments no e-collar Required I really want to fake her out Here okay Foreign Because it has just taken on a life of Its own lately click thumbs up subscribe You guys are about getting real over There that's cool I'm there for it get 35 off your entire first order of food Treats and other items from bark food When you use my special code Zach George 35 links below Foreign

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