Larry Krohn and Robert Cabral: Uncensored Discussion on Various Topics – Episode 119

I, as an avid follower of Larry Krohn and Robert Cabral, am thrilled to present to you the exhilarating Episode 119 of their Uncensored Discussion on Various Topics. In this engrossing conversation, Larry and Robert delve deep into intriguing subjects, shedding light on their unique perspectives. Join me as I uncover the wealth of knowledge and insights shared by these two remarkable individuals. Strap in and prepare for an unforgettable experience!

Title: Larry Krohn and Robert Cabral: Uncensored Discussion on Various Topics – Episode 119


In today’s episode, I had a captivating conversation with Larry Krohn, a close friend and fellow dog trainer. Our discussion covered a wide range of topics, including ecollar bans, positive training, rescue dogs, and ethics in training. This uncensored and unfiltered podcast is likely to provoke strong reactions and divide opinions. So grab your headphones and get ready for an honest and thought-provoking conversation with Larry Krohn and me.

Heading 1: The Ecollar Bans Debate

As we delved into the topic of ecollar bans, Larry brought up some key points that sparked a heated discussion. From his perspective, ecollars are a valuable tool when used correctly. He argued that they provide a safe and effective means of communication with dogs, especially in situations where other methods might fail.

Sub-heading 1: Of Positive Training and Its Limitations

While Larry acknowledged the importance of positive training techniques, he emphasized that it should not be the sole focus. He argued that an exclusive reliance on positive reinforcement methods might not always yield optimal results. Larry emphasized the need for a balanced approach to dog training that incorporates different tools and techniques for the benefit of the dog.

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Sub-heading 2: The Controversy Surrounding Rescue Dogs

Our conversation also veered into the topic of rescue dogs. Larry expressed concern over the increasing number of rescue dogs with behavioral issues. While he supports rescue efforts wholeheartedly, he emphasized the need for thorough assessment and realistic expectations when adopting a dog with a troubled past.

Heading 2: The Ethics in Dog Training

Ethics in dog training became a point of significant discussion during our conversation. Both Larry and I agreed that training methods should prioritize the well-being and mental health of dogs. It is crucial to strike a balance between training efficiency and the humane treatment of our four-legged companions.

Heading 3: The Dog Training World and its Radicals

We shed light on the fact that the dog training world has its own share of radicals on both sides. However, we observed that balance trainers are relatively less targeted. The extremism or dogmatism associated with certain training methodologies often overlooks the potential for growth and learning that arises from open-minded discussions and alternative viewpoints.

Heading 4: The Value of Seminars

Seminars are a great opportunity for dog trainers and enthusiasts to expand their knowledge base. However, we discussed the importance of approaching seminars with the right mindset. While they can be entertaining, it is crucial to attend them with a focus on learning and improving training skills, rather than solely for the enjoyment of watching others work with their dogs.


The uncensored discussion between Larry Krohn and me touched on various thought-provoking topics. Our conversation highlighted the importance of a balanced approach to dog training, the need for realistic expectations when adopting rescue dogs, the significance of ethics in training, and the value of open-minded discussions within the training community.

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  1. How can I listen to Larry Krohn and Robert Cabral’s podcast episode?
    You can find the episode on popular podcast platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, or Google Podcasts.

  2. Does Larry Krohn have a presence on social media?
    Yes, Larry Krohn can be found on Facebook and YouTube, where he shares valuable insights and training tips.

  3. Are Larry Krohn and Robert Cabral professional dog trainers?
    Yes, both Larry Krohn and Robert Cabral have extensive experience in the field of dog training and behavior modification.

  4. Can I access online dog training resources from Robert Cabral?
    Indeed! Robert Cabral offers a range of online dog training resources for both trainers and dog owners.

  5. How can Robert Cabral’s online course help aspiring dog trainers?
    Robert Cabral’s online course provides comprehensive training material and guidance for individuals interested in becoming professional dog trainers. The course covers various training techniques and offers practical insights into the industry.

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