Muscular Dogo Argentino terrorizes Doberman housemate – Fixing the core problem.

If your dog pulls you while on the leash Is reactive to other dogs and generally Out of control this might be the video For you if we can help this dogo Argentina with my method you can help Your own dog In this video you're going to see my Process and attitude for calming and Reducing aggressive behavior with strong Stubborn dogs like this Dogo Argentino He's a two-year-old unneutered Dogo Argentino many of you have heard of them So this breed some of you have not these This breed is famous for hunting Pumas In Argentina what does it take to hunt Pumas in Argentina you think you need a Little a little go go go in them a Little pull pull get to I want to get to And not listening to anything else That's what they need in them you think They need speed you think they need Stubbornness you think they need Strength you think they need bite power They need all of those things and that's What these dogs have I love them they're A great breed they've been really good And interesting dogs every time they Have come to me but they're ready to Roll they're ready to go and that's the Problem this guy doesn't live on a farm In Argentina okay he lives in our world And that's always the case case with These tough breeds and this guy's the Right guy to handle this dog he's a

Strong very confident guy and that's What you need with this breed so this Guy pulls That's the main problem the aggression That you saw in the intro that is a Symptom of this attitude and this Behavior right here and that's what We're going to focus on in this video Not if you have one of these big strong Dogs these stubborn dogs I recommend That you watch this video and you follow The methods that I talk about in this Video So it's going to be a control method it Is going to be a dog can make the choice To leave us we are not going to beg him And you're not going to beg your dog With treats to stay with you we are not Going to let them take us where they Want to take us They need to be checking in with us at Parts when the leash is on there needs To be checking have there been any Check-ins so far has this dog looked at Me or the owner at any point in this no How are we going to get those check-ins Oh dog please look at me for this treat That is the loser way it'll never work Go to the positive reinforcement trainer Uh your favorite positive reinforcement Trainer on YouTube right now and try to Find the polling dog Argentino video Where this works uh I'll wait All right you you get what I'm saying

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Okay There needs to be some discipline there Needs to be some some consequences all Right there needs to be some owner you This guy is the boss and we're gonna Love you and we're gonna exercise you And we are going to feed you good food And we're going to do all that stuff but We're running the show and it needs to Be operant so it's not just this Attitude I'm the boss what does that Really mean right that but there needs To be operant behaviors trained and that Behavior is when you leave me you you Hit the end of the leash we barely Provide a correction the dog hits the End of the leash now the dog's gonna pee On me right here pees on my leg all Right why did it pee on me the easy Answer is he's dominant dog and he peed On you Joel that's easy answer it's Probably the truth it could not be the Truth I was about six inches away from That post that post has pee all over it He doesn't look up He he saw a thing my pants are brown not That that matters but he sees a thing Which is my leg and he smells pee and he Lifts his leg So probably probably just a dominant dog Peeing on me possibly not that's not why I'm not going to grab him tell him no It's it's I don't know you got to be Sure of the of the thinking behind the

Behavior you're correcting you can't Correct a dog for the wrong thing so you Got to be 100 sure there's Nuance in This dog training thing okay now when he Leaves us When he's on the leash and he just goes I'm gonna go as hard as I can are we Sure what we're correcting yeah we're Correcting the dog fully leaving us and Not caring all right I'm gonna go from Original audio back and forth hopefully You enjoy all about you run the show Yeah you might not be like that in life You got to be like that with this dog But we are over this dog doing stuff we Don't like right those days are done or You have no shot and we might as well Get rid of this doc okay okay you're Fair you have one option all right let's Get let's get to work yeah okay when he Gets the end of the leash You are going to down into the side You're going to lean to the side and He's going to hit the end and get a Correction but it's not going to be Right here it's going to be to his side Okay he leaves and then he gets a Correction net you see okay you see him Look back he can leave you now now we're On a loose leash is this perfect he's 60 In front of us no but guess what he's Not doing right yeah tugging now it's Not pulling yeah we are not going to Progress and this is going to go inch by

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Inch I'm going to take one step guess What even right now he's leaving me okay Okay he we are not progressing where This guy wants to go until he is on the Loose leash and it may take an hour he's A tough dog and we need to be tough on Him right okay okay now I take a few More steps Oh now for the first time since this guy Got here from that last correction he Hung back and he actually looked yeah Waited yeah now guess what's gonna Happen when I open this door he might Actually uh drove forward he's going he He's gonna forget that correction and All his yeah right there actually yeah But we're over it this is every walk This will assert that dad's not messing Around yeah bro I don't care fly out This door I could care I could care less I'm not we're not going anywhere and so This guy is He has no impulse control Watch me a little bit Now he's starting There's no cues I'll do it upstairs I don't care We gave him a shot to go cruise and Smell and do everything he wanted to do He didn't do any of it so now that he's On a leash I don't feel bad for him that He's like I want to go smell this yeah We just gave you we gave you a chance to Go through the whole pasture bro you

Didn't take advantage of it let him let The leash a little longer He's hesitating so what did you see Right there when I had the leash walking Over the bridge coming up the stairs you Saw two things you first saw an attitude And I'm going to explain that to you and Then you saw something with operant Conditioning so the attitude was a Disciplined attitude I was not going to advance the walk and He was going to hit the end of the leash Any time he did not look at us it was a Discipline attitude it was not a treat Attitude we are not gonna beg this Puma Hunting dog with treats we are this dog Is used to consequences this dog is used To going hard this dog respects Consequences this dog respects us having Rules and boundaries the other thing you Saw was operant it was the minute the Dog left us and hit the end of the leash There was a consequence that's operant Conditioning there's consequences But a lot of it was the attitude and I Tried to explain the attitude to him and To you in that whereas we just stand Tall we we are not messing around now What I'm going to show you right now Is just a still frame and just notice The owner is going one way the dog is Going the other way many people watching This many people at home you guys tend To follow the dog when it's going the

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Other way you saw my probably video a Couple days ago or a couple weeks ago Where every time the dog went one way I Turned the other way that's how you get Your dog's eyes up on you you can't you We're not going to beg this dog with Treats little correction right there Little consequence right there then the Dog starts to go oh yeah when I look This way and I have no idea where this Guy is Then he goes the other way And I've got to follow this guy we're Not doing this with treats we're not There was a time and a place for treats Absolutely positively it is not with the Puma killing dog When I first saw you do that and he Actually changed his behavior a little Bit that got me a lot so that I'm really Paying close attention to this which Moment did you see him change for the First time was it down there down there Yeah right right yeah just have one tug Immediately I saw like a difference on How he was behaving Usually he wants to just break through The barrier yeah in a second you're Going to hear me say he wants to go Fight his friend he wants to leave you And I'm going to tell this guy we don't Care what he wants to do your dog lost The right to do what he wants to do and Go at dogs and pull you and not check in

With you when he started fighting dogs When he started freaking out on a leash He lost that right you have to have that Attitude This isn't soft stuff you're dealing With we're dealing with dangerous stuff Dangerous dogs that want to hurt other Dogs want to hurt people want to hurt Kids we can't be soft you can't be soft You have to love your dog exercise your Dog feed your dog good food do all that Stuff but you can't be soft if you wear A hammer we got to get you to be a Scalpel okay we'll get there yeah a Little Precision you want me to just It's got to be like the timing right Before and then it's as opposed to He's kind of just swinging a Sledgehammer pretty much yeah so So we can I think we're ready For you to so the point of this whole Thing is two points yeah to Tamp him Down before he sees his friend but the Bigger point Is you don't fight around the boss right This is a bossy move that you're doing Right I'm not gonna you uh we did a lot More And helping these dogs in an hour than We did A month

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