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How to Use Crate Training For Potty Training Puppy

If you’re looking to improve your pet’s training skills, you can use a crate. This will allow you to place the dog inside the crate without worrying about him getting out. This method works great for training puppies and older dogs. To start, wake up your dog in the morning around 8:00 AM. Give him a good play time and feed him at 8:30 AM. Then, take him out for a short walk at 9 AM. Finally, teach your dog commands such as “kennel up.”

First, remember that a dog may only respond to its name in specific situations. Always pair its name with a treat. Do not use the dog’s name when your dog is feeling frustrated or thinking it is doing something wrong. Try not to use it excessively or your dog will become frustrated and stop responding to your commands. This is important, because it’s not only hurting your relationship with your pet, but also making it prone to bad behavior.

Secondly, supervise the bathroom time. Most suburban dog owners assume that their pet does its business in the backyard. When it does, they are surprised to find it in their house. The easiest way to prevent this from happening is to designate an area outside for your dog to use the bathroom. Then, each time your dog goes potty, praise it and give him a treat. Then, when your dog is ready to go outside again, put him into his crate to relieve itself.

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