One of the biggest red flags from any dog trainer. 🚩

It should always be a red flag to you When you're training your dog if a Trainer is telling you that you need to Quell the behavior through some type of Physical Force whether that be a choke Chain a prong collar or an electric Collar because what's evident about Trainers like that who are abundant on YouTube is that they do not know how to Train without physical punishment I give Them the benefit of the doubt by saying That surely if they knew how to Eliminate it from their training they Would use positive reinforcement but Usually what they say is Ah that's not Working I'm going to punishment and that Is where the mistake happens what you do Instead is you break that problem down Into five or ten smaller steps that are More achievable for your dog if you can Just swallow your pride and take a step Back and break those into smaller steps You'll climb right up that ladder super Quick because every step is easy Relative to the step before

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