Saying “NO” 🚫 #dogtraining #dogtrainer #puppytraining #positivedogtraining

Do I say “no” to dogs? How should you say no to your dog? Should you say it at all? How does this concept fit in with positive reinforcement training? Is “no” aversive? We need to talk about this!

I try not to say the word no people are So turned off to that that's why we use The positive interrupter it's an Alternative to saying no that allows you To find something to reinforce and keeps The brain chemicals nice we gotta Evaluate how's the dog perceiving the World at all times to the best of our Ability yes I have used the word no I've Got videos showing you how I use the Word no when you do use the word no it Shouldn't be from an emotional place it Shouldn't signify that a physical Correction is coming just simply a way Of saying no try again the risk you run Though very often and the more I learn How to train dogs the more I realize This simply saying no try again if you Have to say that too many times in a row What's going to happen to your dog's Mental state it might get a little Frustrated okay nothing wrong with a Little frustration you're not Traumatizing them but is it friction in The learning process yeah so can we get Rid of the friction yeah we cannot say No and we can find smaller things to Mark to get the traction and before you Know it it happens fast

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