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That's not fine it's cold this is the Key people do it love it know it try it Do it What is up everyone Andy Krueger here Today's video I'm gonna tell you the key To training any and every dog and I'm Gonna use this Rottweiler puppy to Demonstrate this is his very first Training session in order to train any Dog of any age the first step is Building engagement Via loading your reward markers and Shaping your obedience behaviors now That's all fancy dog trainer talk for Keep the dog's eyes on you teach them What good and yes means and start to Build your heel sit down stay climb and Recall so without further Ado let's get Down to it oh and by the way I got my vest Loaded up with puppies breakfast if your Dog will not work for their kibble in Any and every environment you got a Problem that's where you need to start The dog needs to eat out of your hand Only their kibble only when you're Training so let's get going we're going To build some engagement first through Loading our reward markers I'm going to Teach him what good and yes means I'm Not going to teach them what no means That's no fun for anyone first I need to Teach them what good and yes mean let's Go Roman

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Oh yeah Step number one Hey partner Good boy I'm building engagement he runs over to The cameraman it doesn't pay he runs Back to me it pays Yes Yes is the release marker when he hears The word yes oh he's gonna explode out Of whatever Behavior he's in and he's Gonna come get his food this is how I Build it Roman Roman Yes Yes Now I'm gonna mix in my good good also Means the rewards coming but it means The dog needs to stay in place to Receive it Good Good Yes Yes Good Good Whoops Bad trainer dropped it Good Yes I'm loading my reward markers if your Dog or puppy can't do that exercise in Any and every environment dogs people Public places included you cannot move

On because you don't have engagement Yes Yes Good Good Yes Rinse and repeat that one thousand times You cannot do that enough even if you Have an older mature dog who's been Through training that exercise is never Ever gonna hurt you so now that we've Started to build some engagement we're Gonna fast forward we're gonna start Shaping the behaviors that we need for Training he'll sit down stay calm and The climb command let's start over on The Climb come on Teach your dog how to follow the food It's called luring Once he's on the bed I use that familiar Word good to Market to pay him to let Him know that's what I want Free Yes I'm teaching climb I'm teaching free Come on Good Free Boy Climb Good Fun good Oh Yes

Once you load those words and they're Meaningful to the dog they can start to Put the pieces together he jumps on the Bed he hears good he knows that means Stay there because the reward's coming I Say free I lure him off the bed with the Food as soon as he leaves I say yes the Familiar word that he knows that means He's getting a reward so this is how we Can start to build a vocabulary and Communicate with the dog obviously Someone's been working with sit on him Because that's kind of his default so I'm gonna skip past that he already has It for now we're gonna move to a Down Good as soon as the elbows hit the Ground I give them the reward marker good Good When I want him to leave yes Good Means room service Yes means get in your car go get the Food yourself Let's do spin not a formal command but Still a good one to teach Following the food that means he's Engaged yes The other way Other hand Yes Spin Yes Spin

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Yes Spin Yes Recall command the dog coming when Called I have my good I have my yes I Have my engagement for food check this Out food Come yes Easy as that Foreign Come yes Oh yeah baby Come yes When he hears those words He knows he's done it right Let's do a little bit of healing Left hand Oh yeah good Good Yes The dogs think the dog is engaged the Dog is following the lore The handlers Tangled in the leash you'll Notice I have a Long Leash on him this Is probably a 20-footer it's on a flat Collar this gives me the freedom To kind of simulate a little bit of off Leash he's not two feet away from me the Entire time on a tight leash He's able to move about Gives me a lot more options come yes Come Yes Down

Good Good Stay good Stay good Free yes And just for good measure sit good Yes Heal sit down stay climb Recall free those are the absolute Basics that is a sneak peek into a Training session keep in mind folks Everything you saw here is going to take Thousands of repetitions God Andy that sounds like a lot that's a Lot of work yeah training the dogs a lot Of work But Every 10 Th session I have like this I should be Having a good time I should feel good I Should look forward to coming out and Doing this with the dog On the same side the dog should feel Good the dog should come out loving this It should be an awesome bonding Experience between you and your dog if You and every member your family do this With your dog in some form every single Day there is no better way to start your Training Journey with your dog this is The key people do it love it know it Try it Do it For any other questions you have hit me

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In the comments I respond to all of Those hit my patreon Andy Krueger if you want to join the club There is a monthly fee there but there's A reason for it all the unedited behind The scenes training That's not fine it's cold behind the Scenes training sessions it's all on There Exclusive content check it out see what All the fuss is about merch buy you a Shirt until next time train your dog Let's go Roman come on fella oh yeah Baby This is how this equipment should fit Look at that Look when I try to rotate this You know it has some room But it's not going anywhere Prong high and tight e-collar right Underneath it nice and snug that's Exactly how the equipment should fit Foreign

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