Understanding THIS Makes You Stand Out as a Responsible Dog Owner: A Guide to Effective Dog Training 🫣 #dogtraining #dogtrainer #puppy

You are 99 ahead of dog enthusiasts if You understand this one thing I'm Zach George and I'll give you easy practical Dog training advice top trainers and Successful people excel at the art of Managing their dog's surroundings here Veronica is on a 50-foot lead so that we Can simulate off-leash freedom but what I'm looking for on that lead is does Tension occur at any time does she Listen debris at no point in this Training session was there tension on This lead meaning that she would have Likely been just as reliable if that Lead wasn't on her this is really good Practice for Veronica this gets her Practicing around dogs there's dogs There's scooters there's all kinds of Things going on around her you'll Sharpen their focus and their Responsiveness and even the toughest Situations this is a great sign for Off Lease trading on a scale of one to ten How aware are you of your dog's Surroundings follow for more

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