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Tips For Crate Training and Potty Training Puppy

When dog training, one of the most effective things you can do is praise your pup for good behavior. You may have heard that rubbing your puppy’s nose in poop is effective, but that’s simply absurd. In fact, the opposite is true. Praising a puppy for doing something good is much better for their psychological well-being than any type of punishment. Whether it’s throwing a cookie or cheering her on, praising her will make her feel like a canine Einstein!

When dog training, you should start by providing treats and meals inside the crate. When the time comes to potty, reward your puppy and supervise him while he uses the bathroom. Always ensure that your puppy is given plenty of time to relieve himself. If the dog is not satisfied with the food and water that you provide, he may become overly stressed. To prevent such a scenario, make sure to supervise your puppy’s potty breaks.

Another way to help train your puppy is by establishing a routine. Potty training a puppy shouldn’t be difficult. Just be consistent with the time you feed your puppy and make sure you take it outside for a potty break after each meal. It is important to stick to a schedule, so make sure your puppy is on it for at least 15 minutes each time. Afterwards, let your dog out on the grass, praise it for using the potty area, and give him a treat!

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